Keepers of the Inn

i live here now

A collection of 3,356 photographs by Julie Pacino

Available on OpenSEA

Let us show you to your room.

These photos will take you deep inside the rehearsal process for Julie’s feature film I Live Here Now, inspired by her genesis drop of the same name.
By purchasing a photo, you own more than a piece of art, you are now a Keeper.  Keepers will be called upon for their creative input to make this film.

Become a keeper, grab your key, and democratize the way films are created.

I live here now

A young actress, disillusioned with Hollywood’s conflicting demands on her body, runs away to the Madonna Inn after discovering she’s pregnant. She becomes aware that the Inn employees are watching her every move, and feels the hotel has an even darker interest in her body as it slowly begins to swallow her sanity.

A lady with pink hair form the Inn Keeper

Perks of Ownership

This is the first NFT community funded and influenced film:

Come make a movie with us!

Keepers of the Inn Perks

Film icon

All holders will get exclusive access to participate in the making of the film.   Julie will update the community in weekly Town Halls on where she is at with her creative process, and invite holders to vote on key creative decisions about the film.

1 piece = 1 vote

Globe icon

Learn more about the story before anyone else with special access to hidden sections of the website


Every holder will be invited to the first private event/screening of the movie

1 piece = 1 ticket

A red drop of liquid

In the movie, our Keepers of the Inn convince new hotel guests to drink their famous pink milk tonic, and madness ensues. We will give our holders the opportunity to feed their photos our pink milk tonic. By holding an original photograph from the Keepers of the Inn drop + an ILHN “The Gates”  photo you will be airdropped a special pink surprise.

Mail Icon

A Holder selected at random will be given an Associate Producer credit + invite to the wrap party

Additional utility to come for all Keepers of the Inn holders:

First access to trailers and movie
Special credit in the film
Additional giveaways
Talks with cast and crew
IRL events, screenings, immersive experiences
Prop and set piece distribution
Main actress from Keepers of the Inn I Live here now holding the cake she just gave birth to

Special 1/1 Film Photo Collectible Perks

Collect all (5) Rose “Heavy Lies the Crown” film photos =

Executive Producer credit + all expenses paid weekend stay at Madonna Inn, invite to wrap party,  invite to red-carpet premiere, and option to appear in the film

Collect all (3) “Cult of Pink” film photos =

Associate Producer credit, one night stay at the Madonna Inn, invite to wrap party

Collect all (3) “It Becomes Her” film photos  =

Associate Producer credit, one night stay at the Madonna Inn, invite to wrap party

Collect 3 "Kept" photos =

Special Thanks credit

Rose in the shower with a crown on and blood running down her head.Rose kissing her cast mates cheek in black and whiteRose kissing her cast mates cheek in colorCast member with purple hair and purple distortionRose being delt a card from one of the keepers of the inn

The Keepers

5 characters featured in 16 different scenes:

Tier 1:


1/1 Rose Film Photos

Tier 2:


1/2 Pivotal Scenes: Color and B&W

Tier 3:


1/5 Pink Milk Tonics

Tier 4:


1/10 World Building Photos


Mission Statement and Initiatives

Women artists account for just 5% of NFT sales and only 16% of the highest grossing 100 films last year were made by women filmmakers. We want to change that statistic and onboard more women filmmakers and artists into the NFT community so there are more opportunities for women in the entertainment and fine art industry.

Keepers of the Inn Grants

A women filmmaker short film competition will be launched upon sellout in which each winner receives one of three grants to fund their film.  The winners of this grant will be voted on by holders in the community.

1 piece = 1 vote

Lola Grant:

Winner receives full financing for their film and in-kind services from Julie’s production team

Sally Grant:

Winner receives full financing for their film.

Rose Grant:

Winner is invited to shoot at the Madonna Inn and with full access to Julie’s production team and key crew and will have their finished film screened at the I Live Here Now private screening.

All 3 short films will be minted and presented as part of a Keeper’s of the Inn grant collection with 100% of sales going to the filmmakers.

50% of Secondary sales funds will be contributed to supporting women and LGBTQ+ filmmakers and artists in the space by purchasing their work through the Keepers of the Inn Fund.

A lady surrounded at the Madonna Inn.


Every 500 sales, 10 random winners get a print of their photograph!


Special airdrop to all holders


Holder selected at random will receive a one weekend stay at the Madonna Inn, food+beverage covered with other special perks.


All holders of Keepers of the Inn and I Live Here now NFT projects will be the first people to see the finished film.  1 piece = 1 ticket to the IRL private event and screening in 2022.

I live Here Now Genesis Holders Perks

Rewarded with minted fractionalized clips of the entire film, proportionate to the # of pieces they own

VIP afterparty with filmmakers & cast after private screening

Signed print of original piece

The Team

Inn Keeper:



Julie Pacino

Keymaker and coordinator:

Kyle Kaminsky