Character Descriptions


This is Rose. She is at war with her thoughts as she struggles with the biggest decision of her young life. At every turn, her environment reflects back her deep-rooted mania. She cannot fight it for much longer.


This is Ada. She is numb to existence, a shell of her former self. Her duty is to implement the superficial structures imposed by society.


This is Charon. Childish and exuberant, Charon has a deep and unending love for the Inn and her fellow Keepers. She has a supernatural ability to project herself and others into the dreams of new residents.


This is Lola. Lola’s stay at the Inn has worn on her, and she’s looking for a way to escape the cycles that she’s trapped in. Her hostility towards Rose gradually decays into empathy, as she sees in her, another lost soul, trapped in a cycle.


This is Sally. The original Keeper of the Inn, Sally lives in solitude, but will be happy to share her wisdom with the other Keepers when the situation calls.


Scene 01 - Rose Arrives

Fleeing the clutches of Hollywood, Rose arrives at the Madonna Inn and is escorted around her room, the Love Nest, by the stoic Ada and the exuberant Charon. At first curious, Rose begins to feel uneasy at her escorts’ unnatural love for their hotel. Even after they leave, Rose has a constant feeling they are still in her room, hiding in shadows or just outside of her vision.

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Scene 02 - The Test

Finally alone, Rose retakes her pregnancy test. She hopes for a minute that this whole trip was unnecessary. But her pregnancy is as real as when she left LA, and she knows there will be no easy escape from her predicament.

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Scene 03 - Barrel of Fun

Ada returns to her room to tend to Lola. This is our first introduction to the Keepers of the Inn. Lola seems trapped here, a sternness overtakes Ada’s earlier facade, and even the bubbly Charon’s mood is somber. Ada encourages Lola to resign herself to her fate. Whatever the future holds for Lola seems to involve Rose.

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Scene 04 - Eternally Incomplete

Rose tries exploring the world outside of the Love Nest. Here she meets Sally, a reassuring presence in her vulnerable state. Rose sees in her someone who understands her and her position, a small comfort in an uncomfortable place.

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Scene 05 - Hysterical Hypnosis

Charon works herself into a manic fit, and begins to channel her fear and horror directly into the psyche of the sleeping Rose. She projects the Keepers of the Inn into Rose’s dreams, and they torment her identity.

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Scene 06 - Red Night

Locked in slumber by Charon, Rose wakes up to find her room invaded by the Keepers of the Inn. They clamour around her room, coveting her body, emerging from walls and shadows. A particular image, Charon, in a room with walls of stone sticks in her mind.

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Scene 07 - Anxiety of Doubt

Rose wakes up in the dead of night, exhausted and sobbing from her tormented slumber. As she slowly regains her composure, she feels alone for the first time since she arrived at the Inn. She isn’t sure if this is comforting or distressing, as she begins to feel paralyzed by loneliness and doubt. 

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Scene 08 - Homage

Sally sits alone in her room. Loneliness is an old friend of hers. A knock at the door, and Charon and Lola enter. We see that Sally is the original Keeper of the Inn, and has specific instructions for Charon and Lola. Her maternal nature puts them at ease and they grow more comfortable with the tasks they must carry out.

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Scene 09 - Room of Stone

Her head still full of Charon’s visions, Rose sneaks out of her room, and begins to explore the room with walls of stone. What she’s looking for, she isn’t entirely sure, but she knows that this place has a plan for her and she’s determined to find out what it is. Before she can find anything, Ada returns. Rose must hide or risk the consequences of being found here.

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Scene 10 - Blue Night

Finally making it back to her room, Rose’s head is again filled with nightmares. But rather than feeling like an outsider, this time the horror is beginning to feel like she belongs here. She is deep within the Madonna Inn, and she can feel herself changing.

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Scene 11 - Tethered to the Light

Rose wakes in the morning, oddly at peace with her surroundings. She looks at her room with tenderness, and begins to allow the softness of the Inn to consume her. She doesn’t feel alone anymore. With the morning light, she greets the Inn as she would a lover.

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Scene 12 - Everything for You

Lola invites herself over to Rose’s room. Lola is the only one who hasn’t seemed surreally happy with her stay at the Inn, and Rose feels like she may understand this poor girl better than she thought. Eating cake and drinking champagne, Rose sees that her purpose here is to kill Lola, and Lola’s purpose is to die. Regretfully, Rose acts out her role the Inn is making her play.

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Scene 13 - Birth

Rose awakes to shooting pains in her abdomen. Surrounded by the Keepers of the Inn, much like her dream on the first night. She is tenderly cared for by the Keepers as she sweats and screams and eventually gives birth to a pink cake. It’s beautiful and she looks at it as she would her child. But, to her horror, The Keepers of the Inn start tearing it apart, devouring it, they try to force feed it to her. Exhausted, she can’t help but look on as her creation is utterly destroyed and consumed.

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Scene 14 - Bridal Falls

In the morning. Sally waits patiently by a window. The Keepers of the Inn bring her Rose, free of the damages of childbirth, and finally healed from the abuses of Hollywood. They show Rose herself in the mirror, and explain that the Inn can keep her body pure and healthy. Her independence cracks and gives way to the sense of community she feels.

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Scene 15 - Ceremony

Rose descends the staircase of the ballroom in her marriage ceremony with the Madonna Inn. She is exalted by all the Keepers of the Inn. They welcome her, and praise her beauty. She is truly accepted, and is given a pink milk tonic to seal the covenant and become Kept by the Inn. She wavers for a moment, and then sips.

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Scene 16 - Reception

Finally, we see a collection of all our characters. As they were when they first arrived at the Inn. Finally ending on the new bride, Rose. She accepts that she lives here now.

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